Financial Resources

I know that getting help can be costly. I get it. I do hope to have a sliding scale/ other options in the future when I have a more established client base.

For now, there are some options if you cannot afford to work with me, but want to.

Beauty After Bruises is one of the only 501(c)3 nonprofits that offer grants to survivors of childhood trauma to help them pay for treatment. They do not have the resources to fund every survivor's treatment, but they do stretch it as far as they possibly can. They do funding rounds in May and December (I believe).


Click here to apply for a treatment grant from them.


(Please note, a diagnosis of DID or PTSD is a requirement for consideration - it does not have to be recent - and at this time their grants can only be granted to citizens of the United States of America.)

Other possibilities:

  • You may be able to ask local churches to help. Most churches have money specifically set aside in their budget for charitable giving/ benevolence. They may be willing to donate to the cost of treatment.

  • Supportive family members/ friends may be willing to help

  • Crowdfunding

  • Making & selling art or crafts or baked goods (especially if you are comfortable telling people what you're raising money for, or as much as you're comfortable with)

  • Having a yard sale

  • Etc.