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So once you fill out the application, the next steps are:


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The Timeline for Our Work

I work with people on a specific timeline, but after listening to feedback from multiples and their systems, I have decided to offer two options: 3 months or 6 months. You can choose which one feels like it would work best for your schedule and your budget.

The reason for this is that in my experience, when you're working with a multiple system, changes can be very jarring. Making a lot of changes all at once can actually create unnecessary stress, even if the changes themselves are positive. Just the newness of it all can be overwhelming and require some time to adjust.

If you'd like to work with me for 3 months, we would have sessions every week. 

If you'd prefer to stretch it out to 6 months, we would have sessions every other week.

After we've worked together for the amount of time we agree on, I like to let systems take a break. This is important for you and your parts to have the chance to breathe, feel things out, and see where everything lands after the intensity of working together. Many systems need time to "re-calibrate."

If you find that you'd like to continue after this, we can talk about doing another 3 or 6 months. If you feel you're in a more stable and peaceful place, and you'd like to go enjoy life for awhile, that's okay too. You can let me know what you feel would be helpful.

The Focus of Our Work

The focus of our work is getting your system where you'd like it to be. What this looks like will be different from client to client, according to what you and your inside people need. For some, it's taking the time to find out who else is inside and making friends with them. For others, it might be learning how to cooperate and communicate with their inside parts. Everyone is unique.

I have a written outline for us to go through, with topics pre-planned for every week. However, this is in no way set in stone and there is plenty of room for us to go off-topic and let you and your system lead the way as per what you need to process. When you decide to work with me I will send you a copy of this outline so you can review the topics beforehand from week to week.

I will also occasionally have homework for you to do, although it's not in any way mandatory. This is purely for the purpose of helping you grow. If you're like me and you love homework, hopefully it will provide something extra for you to focus on outside of our sessions. If you're the opposite and you hate homework, I won't ask you to do anything more than just think about it once or twice before we talk again.


I also know that life happens and you may be struggling with something specific - there is room for us to focus on that too. The outline is just a guideline in case you're not sure what you'd like to talk about.

Session Fees

This is the question everyone wants and needs to know. :) So here it is: 

My fee is $100/ session.

This breaks down to


$200 per month for those who would like to have sessions every other week (6 months total), and

$400 per month for those who would like to have sessions every week (3 months total).

All months can be paid for in advance if you'd like, OR you can pay monthly.

Session fees are due before we begin that month, via PayPal invoice.

Here are some ideas/ resources for financing, if you need them.

You may be wondering why the cost is what it is, and here is why.

When you work with me, I spend hours every week preparing for our time together, and looking for useful tools to pass along to you that will help you reach your goals. I give you my whole heart and show up 100% for every session, listening and responding to you. I take notes and review them outside of our sessions. Supporting multiples as they explore their systems is my passion, and also requires self-care and a level of self-awareness that goes beyond a normal 9-5 office job. It is time away from my husband and family, and it helps pay bills as well as compensate for the emotional labor of this type of work. 


It is beautiful work, and also, a wild ride. I will never give you less than my best. My fee reflects all of these things.

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