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How I Work

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One On One

One on One Clients

So once you fill out the application, the next steps are:


  • go over all of the info on this page; I ask that you please read it all because I may already have an answer to a question you may have before we talk, and...

  • book a free 15-minute consultation with me

  • once we have talked, and both decided we feel good about moving forward, one on one sessions can be booked here (there's also a button on the homepage that says "Current Clients" in the top right corner

The Evolving Nature

The Evolving Nature of This Work

Part of working with systems is using what I learn and experience in this work and incorporating it into what I do, going forward. In that way, my policies are constantly being updated and I am continually shifting how I work with people so that I can hone my practices to be the most helpful for you.

Earlier on when I started doing peer work, I worked with clients on a 3- or 6-month timeline (client's choice), but I realized that for many multiples, this timeline is much too short. The idea was to give systems a break after a specific time frame so that they could process any major or minor changes that took place during our time together. While I do still feel that that idea is valid, I have realized that the timeline was insufficient for some. 

DID systems are complex, and it can take months just to start getting to know them. I want our time together to be helpful, and part of that is making adjustments when I see something that's not quite working.

So... I am opening up the calendar to let multiples decide how long they need and what schedule they want to keep. My session days are Thursdays from 8am to 5pm Eastern US time.

The Focus of Our Work

The Focus of Our Work

The focus of our work is getting your system where you'd like it to be. What this looks like will be different from client to client, according to what you and your inside people need. For some, it's taking the time to find out who else is inside and making friends with them. For others, it might be learning how to cooperate and communicate with their inside parts. Everyone is unique.

For those who need direction, I have a written outline for us to go through, with topics pre-planned for every week. This is only meant to be a reference point, and utilized inasmuch as it serves you. This is in no way set in stone and there is plenty of room for us to go off-topic and let you and your system lead the way as per what you need to process. When you decide to work with me I will send you a copy of this outline so you can review the topics beforehand from week to week and see if any of them resonate. If they don't, we will let topics come up organically.

I may also occasionally have homework for you to do, although it's not in any way mandatory. This is purely for the purpose of helping you grow. If you're like me and you love homework, hopefully it will provide something extra for you to focus on outside of our sessions. If you're the opposite and you hate homework, I won't ask you to do anything more than just think about it once or twice before we talk again.


I also know that life happens and you may be struggling with something specific - there is room for us to focus on that too. The outline is just a guideline that's available in case you're not sure what you'd like to talk about.

Session Fees

Session Fees

This is the question everyone wants and needs to know. :) So here it is: 

I have lowered my session fee to help make it affordable for more people. This is for clients that I work with directly (not as a consultant).


My fee is $85 per 50-min session.

The session fee is due before the session, via PayPal. At the moment I have my calendar set up to automate this process, but if you pre-pay and then need to reschedule, please just let me know as soon as you know. It's fine if you need to reschedule; I get it. Life happens. We get sick, our kids need us, work stuff can come up -  all I ask is that you let me know. Any no-shows that happen more than twice, will need to be referred elsewhere so that others can utilize the time. 

Once you book your session, Calendly will send you a booking confirmation and this is where you will find your zoom link. (If you have to reschedule the original zoom link should still work; if not, I'll send you a new one.)

You may be wondering why the cost is what it is, and here are a few reasons why.

Besides the fact that one third of it goes to childcare, I use a lot of tech tools that have yearly and monthly fees to use. Some of them include Zoom, the web domains and web hosting services, my calendar apps, Paypal, Canva, and Adobe.

Aside from that, when you work with me, I spend time every week preparing for our time together, and looking for useful tools to pass along to you that will help you reach your goals. I give you my whole heart and show up 100% for every session, listening and responding to you. I take notes and review them outside of our sessions. Supporting multiples as they explore their systems is my passion, and also requires self-care and a level of self-awareness that goes beyond a normal 9-5 office job. It is time away from kids, and it helps pay bills as well as compensate for the emotional labor of this type of work. 


It is beautiful work, and also, a wild ride. I will never give you less than my best. My fee reflects all of these things.

Ready to do this?


I look forward to chatting with you!

Client Consultations for Professionals

Client Consultations

I also offer consultations for professionals who are already working with multiples. These sessions are still 50 mins but the rate is $60.

The session fee is due before the consult and is also automated by Calendly. Calendly will send you a booking confirmation with your zoom link.


New Offering: Intensives

I've been doing peer work for almost 5 years and until now it has been 100% virtual, primarily because none of my clients have been local. But having sessions via Zoom has made the limitations of support via virtual platforms painfully clear, and for that reason, I am now offering intensives for people who have the means and the desire to travel to see me in person. Current, regular clients will have first priority but in general intensives are offered on a first come, first served basis.

This in no way replaces the work I already do, and is purely optional for those who can and want to use it. You can decide if and how it might fit in as part of the support you need.

**Intensives necessarily have a raised cost because I have to rent office space and cover a sitter for a longer period of time, so the raised price reflects those factors.

At this time I can offer two options: a 4-hour intensive, or an 8-hour intensive. These can be booked with a minimum of 2 weeks' advanced time, to allow me time to get all of the details taken care of on my end.

All intensives take place on Saturdays, to try to accommodate working folks. If you absolutely cannot do a Saturday, please reach out to me and I'll see if I can offer you a different day.

4-Hour Intensive

Cost: $500 (plus travel costs / any additional expenses that may be incurred)

Client(s) and I will meet in my office from 8am-12pm Eastern time. You are welcome to bring 1-2 support person(s) with you if you like. Childcare is not available, so please be aware that you will need to make arrangements for any kiddos you may decide to bring. When booking, please select "4-hour intensive" and choose 8am. Please be advised that I do not have adjustable start times for intensives due to my sitters' schedules.

If you have specific requests for your session, please reach out to me to discuss those beforehand. Otherwise it will run like a typical session, just for an extended period of time; a month's worth of (weekly) sessions packed into one morning, in person.

Please allow yourself plenty of time to find my office on the morning of your intensive. Unfortunately if you are late I will still have to end at the normal time.

There will be snacks and art materials for any inside people who may want to partake.

There will be a link to download an info sheet for additional information when you book the intensive.

8-Hour Intensive

Cost: $1000 (plus travel costs / any additional expenses that may be incurred)

Client(s) and I will meet in my office from 8am-5pm Eastern time, with a 1-hour break from 12-1pm. You will need to make arrangements for your lunch hour as I will not be available during that time.

All of the same info above pertaining to 4-hour intensives is applicable to 8-hour intensives. When booking, please select "8-hour intensive" and choose 8am.

There will be a link to download an info sheet for additional information when you book the intensive.

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch.

If this is something you want to do, please reach out. I would love to meet you in person!

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