Why Mainstream Info on Trauma/ DID is So Challenging

Hey pals,

The lights have seriously come on for me about a lot of things, mostly through watching this documentary below, called Out of Shadows. (CW: this video mentions Christianity and God in the beginning but is not overly Christian in theme; however, it goes on to mention a lot of topics that TBMC/ RA survivors will mostly find very triggering - MK-Ultra, mind control, government projects & experiments, Nazi scientists, Hollywood/CIA connections, etc and also has a LOT of triggering imagery.)

I used to visit these topics occasionally on Thoughts From J8, but there were pieces of context that were missing for me that I couldn't address because I didn't know or understand.

Now, I do.

Or I feel like I'm starting to.

(Side note: all of this info pertains to the USA, I'm not very informed about other countries)

Basically, my takeaway from the above video is this:

  • The United States government has declassified documents that discuss television and motion picture movies as weapons of psychological warfare dating all the way back to 1943 (before that, it was the radio stations - whatever method of mass communication existed - and by the way, all forms of mass communication we have today in the US were originally developed by the government & military, so of course they control them)

  • To this end, every major motion picture association AND television channel including every news outlet was/is owned by "the big 6" (which is now the big 5 bc Disney just recently bought Fox) and those companies are owned/founded by people who either were or still are in high level military/ government positions

  • These people who own the media outlets are most likely very aware of what trauma-based mind control (TBMC) is and are most likely ALL aware of what DID is because they are part of the rich and famous club which is connected to the government clubs that know about MK-Ultra, ETC.

  • Everything and everyone in Hollywood is owned or connected to big business and/or government (e.g. CIA) and everyone who has any measurable level of success in any of the entertainment industries either belongs to their club by choice or has been blackmailed into being controlled by them

  • Horrific abuse of vulnerable people including children is still occurring inside these elite clubs (and outside them too, obvs, but in more concentrated amounts in these groups who have access to literally everything and everyone by means of money and fame and government authority) - so they don't want to be found out or stopped, so they don't want the American public to know or believe it in the first place and then, they don't want people to know how to help victims

  • These people DO NOT HAVE OUR BEST INTEREST at heart, by any means (I feel like this is implied, but thought I should say it anyway)

So with those things being said, I now understand the missing pieces that I couldn't figure out before - such as, the connection to Disney and TBMC programming - but it goes much much further than that.

Hollywood produces movies, tv shows, and news stories that basically tell us what to think. They plant misinformation wherever there is a danger of people using critical thinking to question the messages we're being told. They control the narrative - not just in our entertainment, but also in the "news" we think must be based on "facts" - and they control public opinion.

NO WONDER just about every movie or TV show depicting DID in any way shows us as dangerous, crazy, hopelessly mentally ill people who cannot be trusted or believed or helped or redeemed in any lasting way. THEY WANT THE PUBLIC TO THINK THAT. They want it to be impossible for us to be "out" as multiples, they want it to be impossible for us to find help with trauma (which explains why accurate and HELPFUL info about trauma and dissociation is NOT being distributed neither publicly nor in any institute of higher learning). Videos, like Edelweiss, that show multiples overcoming severe trauma and leading fulfilling lives as a healthy multiple who helps others aren't something Hollywood is interested in producing because it goes against their narrative.

IF you could even FIND an independent movie producer who would make such a movie, and everything that goes along with that, they'd never be able to distribute it because Hollywood and the government own all the companies that distribute such things (e.g. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney).

Knowing all this... to my way of thinking, info on how to help people with DID become healthy and functional people isn't going to become mainstream. And just as importantly, changing the public opinion about multiplicity isn't going to happen anytime soon unless and until we can take down the powers that be that are already controlling the public opinion. Edelweiss is never going to be distributed on a large scale. Even if I had a platform of millions of followers, Facebook, Twitter, IG, all of those social media platforms would never let it get seen - not even if I paid for ads (which I have been, and it still doesn't get that many views). All the powers in the US don't want multiples to know how to be healthy and productive, credible people in our society - nor do they want us to be seen that way by the public.

Because if we are, the American public (and indeed, the world) would have to listen to the victims coming from Hollywood and the other government hubs. And they'd be compelled to do something about it -- like, stop them from hurting children. There's a lot of money to be made in trafficking. There's a lot of debauchery that they'd be forced to stop allowing.

And they don't want that to happen.

Edelweiss is probably never going to get the distribution I'd hoped for. But at least now I know why. I'm probably never going to be a "famous" figure in the multiple community, either for helping multiples or for my writing work, which is not something I specifically hoped for just for its own sake but I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THEY CAN OVERCOME CHALLENGES AND BE FREE AND HAPPY EVEN AS A MULTIPLE (sorry for yelling but I'm just really passionate about that) and if being sort of well-known is a way to do that, I don't really care how it happens, I just want this message to spread.

I would LOVE to work with people in Hollywood who have fragmented ego states, who want out. Do I think the government is ever going to let me? Probably not. I'm guessing those people will either have some mysterious accident or they'll wake up one random day to their bank accounts being inexplicably down to zero and they'll be unable to take the opportunity for one reason or another. --Either that, or I will be on someone's hit list (or both). least now I know why. I don't know what to do about it, but I'm thinking. I've been in contact with the organization that produced Out of Shadows and hopefully they'll respond. I'd like to chat with them and see if we can link arms.

One thing that can be done is we, the people, can work on distributing our own messaging and turn off - and stop believing - the things we see on our TV. This is harder. This is slower. It takes people working together, it takes hitting a "share" button when for some reason that seems to be the last thing on Earth anyone is willing to do for someone else these days. People will show up in your DM's with all kinds of "if you need anything let me know" but they won't share your gotdamn post to get your video/message to more people who might need it if your life depended on it so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway. I digress. But I did want to fill in these pieces for you all just in case it helps you, as it did me.


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